Monday, March 31, 2014

Unit 5 Geology Day 12 - Flipped Quiz 3 Review

Big Idea

·   Geologic events_____ and landforms_____ are used to locate and classify plate boundaries.
·   Evidence of plate movement includes volcanic eruptions______, mountain chains, earthquakes____, blocks of sinking crustal material, oceanic trenches____, and the formation of new crustal rock along spreading ridges.
·   Each tectonic boundary____ causes different landmasses to form and geological events to occur.
·   Some tectonic boundaries cause the same events_______ to occur!


·   We will divide into two stations
·   Chromebook station will investigate_____ events that occur within each tectonic boundary
·   Study Session station will review questions____ on Quiz 3 with Mr. Miller and Ms. Vela
·   Groups will switch at a Level “0”
·   Complete Exit Ticket

Study Session Station

 1. When a continental crustal plate collides with an oceanic crustal plate, the continental crust is forced
to move over the oceanic crust. What is the reason
that the continental crust stays on top of the oceanic crust?

A) Continental crust is less dense      
B) Continental crust deforms easily
C) Continental crust melts at a higher temperature
D) Continental crust has more minerals

2. What is responsible for plate tectonic movement?

A) Slow churning motions in the hot asthenosphere
B) The ocean waves moving the Earth
C) The inner core and gravity
D) Fast motions in the crust

3. How many major tectonic plates are there?
A) 5
B) 12
C) 8
D) 11

4. What is the boundary formed when two plates slide past each other? Transform_______

5. Which layer of the Earth is broken up into tectonic plates? Lithosphere___________________

6. What is the boundary formed when two plates divide from each other? Divergent_________

7. What is the boundary formed when two plates collide?

8. Identify the Eurasian Plate. A__ Identify the Pacific plate. C__ Identify the North American plate. D___

9. What landforms could be formed when a Convergent boundary occurs? Volcanoes, ocean trench, mountain______________________________________
Divergent boundaries? Ocean ridges, rift valleys________________________________________
Transform boundaries? __________________________

Click here to go to the plate boundary investigation. 

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