Monday, March 31, 2014

Unit 5 Geology Day 13: Geology Review Staions

Geology Review Stations

Station #1 Layers of the Earth Diagram (6.10A):

Objective: KIPPsters will be expected to plot points and construct lines on the coordinate plane to create A model of the Earth’s layers.

Station #2 The Rock Cycle (6.10B):

Objective: KIPPsters will be expected to work independently to create a poster that illustrates each of the rock types and the process that forms them. For example, a student could draw a picture of a volcano erupting and then illustrate the lava cooling then label these processes as a scientific poster for an igneous rock. Give examples of professionally made scientific posters as models to follow.


1.      Select a rock article and sample.
2.      Read the article and make observations about the sample.
3.      Make an inference about the type of rock based on evidence from the text and your observations about the rock sample.
4.      Create a poster that illustrates the process by which your rock was formed.
5.      In the poster include:
·         The Rock Name
·         The Type of Rock
·         A drawing illustrating the process that created the rock.
·         Label the processes that are happening. 

Station #3 Tectonic Plates Digital Lab (6.10CD):

Objective: KIPPsters will be expected to work in a digital lab to uncover the processes that have shaped the world’s most amazing landforms and geological events. 

Click here to go to the digital lab "Landform Detectives".

Unit 5 Geology Review Exemplar Key

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