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Unit 5 Geology Day 2: Layers of the Earth Review

Geology Day 2 - 
Layers of the Earth by Physical Composition

Big Idea

•            Earth contains distinct layers, including the inner core, outer core, mantle, crust, asthenosphere, and lithosphere. Each layer has specific differences that make them unique.

•            There is an easy way to remember the main layers in order from top to bottom!

C = Crust__________
L = Lithosphere___
A = Asthenosphere
M = Mantle________

v  The Crust_________ is the thin, rocky layer of the lithosphere.

Ø  The crust has two parts. The Oceanic crust_____ is the layer underneath the ocean and the Continental crust_____is the layer on land which we walk on!

v  The Lithosphere_____ is a rigid layer of earth includes crust and the rigid part of the mantle.

v  The Asthenosphere______ is part of the upper mantle. It plays a huge part in plate movement. Convection currents cause fluid movement. It FLOWS! It has a depth of 100–250 km.

v  The Mantle_______ is made of hot, mostly solid material. Toward the upper part of the mantle is a soft layer that flows like a liquid. The ability to flow is called plasticity.

v  Beneath all the layers is the Core____ of the Earth. The Core is made of iron and nickel and consists of the Outer Core_____ and the Inner Core________.


•            Read and take notes of the Earth’s layers.

•            Create a foldable that correctly illustrates the order of the Earth’s layers.

•            Label specific details on the foldable that differentiate the layer.

Criteria for Success – Foldable

1) Color layers using the guide.

2) Fill out information for each layer.

3) Cut out each layer.

4) Put the layers in correct order on construction paper.

1. Color the layers using the guide:

Inner Core – red                                                    
Upper Mantle - yellow
Outer Core – reddish-orange                             
Oceanic Crust – dark brown
Lower Mantle – orange                                      
Continental Crust – light brown
Middle Mantle – light orange                          
Ocean – blue

2. Now you may cut out the layers!

3. Cut the names of the layers and glue them on the correct layer.

4. Glue the layers in correct order on a sheet of blue construction paper.

5. Write information about the Crust, Mantle, and Core on the blue construction paper next to the correct layer. Write at least one complete sentence!

6. Write your name on the paper.

7. Turn it in when done.

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