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Unit 5 Geology Day 3: Earth's Layers by Chemical Composition

Geology Day 3 - Earth's Layers by Chemical Composition

Big Idea

·       Earth can be categorized and divided into layers by understanding what kind of material makes up each layer. The material and elements that make up each layer is known as the chemical composition.

·       There are three primary layers that are divided by their chemical composition.

·       The Crust of Earth is made mostly of the elements of silicon, oxygen, and aluminum. The crust is not very thick when compared to the rest of Earth.   

·       The Mantle is also made of silicates, but they are denser than the silicates of the crust because mantle silicates include elements like iron and magnesium.

·       The Core includes the densest Earth materials, the elements of iron and nickel.  


·       Identify the location of the layers on the diagram below.

·       Write which elements are found in each layer.

·       Answer comprehension questions to check what you know!

Let's Try as a Class and With a Shoulder Buddy

Now You Try One On Your Own:

1) What is the chemical composition of most of the crust material?

2) What is the chemical composition (make up) of most of Earth’s mantle material?

3) What is the chemical composition (make up) of Earth’s core?

4) Why do you think the mantle materials sank lower in Earth (toward the center of gravity) as compared to the crust materials? 

Geology Day 3 Exit Ticket: Elements in the Earth (6.10A)

1) Why do you think these core materials sank to Earth’s center? 

2) Which layer makes up the majority of Earth’s interior? 

3) Label the Earth’s Layers.

Check out this cool video of the layers of the Earth:

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