Sunday, February 2, 2014

Unit 5 Geology Day 1: Intro to Geology Stations

Unit 5 Geology – Vocabulary List

1.     Asthenosphere – rubbery portion of the upper mantle just below the lithosphere.

2.     Lithosphere – solid, rocky, outermost portion of the upper mantle.

3.     Metamorphic – rocks have been changed over time by extreme pressure and heat.

4.     Igneous – rock formed from solidified lava or magma.

5.     Sedimentary – rock that has been formed from sediment (sand) deposited by water or air.

6.     Luster – objects ability to shine by reflecting light.

7.     Streak – color of the powder produced when it is dragged across an unweathered (rough) surface.

8.     Tectonic - structure of the earth's crust and the large-scale processes that take place within it.

Station 2 - Chromebooks
Click here to go to  KidsGeo and label the diagram!

Extra Practice - Brainpop : Earth's Structure 

  1. Click here to watch the Brainpop Video: Earth's Structures. 
  2. Afterwards complete the classic exam and mark your grade in your classwork packet. 
  3. Last, Define the words in your classwork packet. 

Extra Practice: Vocabulary Quizlets 

  1. First, Review words using flashcards below:
  2. Second, Play the Scatter Review Game below:
  3. Third, Learn word by trying to remember the words below:
  4. Last, Test yourself on the words below: 

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