Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Unit 2 Chemistry: Day 16 Conservation of Mass

Mr. Miller has mentioned before that it’s impossible to “get rid” of matter. Can you prove him wrong? Explain to Mr. Miller how you could DESTROY the matter that makes up your pencil. Go!

Let’s test it out…

1.    Place the ice cube in the Ziploc bag. Measure the mass of the ice cube (do it quickly so very little of it melts!)
2.    Set the Ziploc bag aside so we can wait for the ice to melt.
3.    Place 2 tbsp of baking soda in the balloon.
4.    Pour 10 mL of vinegar into Ziploc bag #2.
5.    Carefully set the balloon into the bag without letting the baking soda come out.
6.    Measure the mass of the bag.
7.    Close the bag SECURELY and shake it up.
8.    Measure the mass of the bag.

Mass of ice cube: ____________ g
Mass of melted ice cube: _____________ g
Mass of baking soda/vinegar separated: ______________ g
Mass of baking soda/vinegar after reaction: ______________ g

1. Check Yo' Self  - The Law of Conservation of Mass:

2. Watch the Brainpop Video: Conservation of Mass. Complete the Review Quiz until you reach 80% mastery. Once you do you email Mr. Miller your results at for ganas. 

3. Watch Study Jams: Properties of Matter then test yourself afterwards to reach 80% Mastery.

4. Keep confirming the Law of Conservation of Matter by watch the video and completing the Google Form below:

Conservation of Mass


  1. Mr.Miller,

    Your gadgets are becoming annoying. They keep showing dialog boxes for irrelevant stuff. You might need to take some off.

  2. Hey Jonathan,

    Thanks for the feedback! Which one specifically?