Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Unit 2 Chemistry: Day 17 and 18 - Qualitative Data, Writing, and Chemical Reaction Lab

BIG Idea:
·         Qualitative data describes our observations during __ and after the experiment.
·         Qualitative data does not________ use numbers.
·         For it to be helpful, it must be specific_________-…

How: To write qualitative data, we use the following framework:
·         Claim – A statement or conclusion that answers the original question/problem.
·         Evidence – Scientific data that support the claim.
·         Reasoning – A justification that connects the evidence to the claim. It shows why the data counts as evidence.

Let’s Try as a Class

Circle the Claim (highlighted yellow), Underline the Evidence, and Box the Reasoning (highlighted orange)

Question or Prompt: Do cockroaches prefer light or dark environments?

Answer: Cockroaches prefer dark environments. When we let 10 cockroaches choose   

between the light and dark side of a box, 9 of them chose the dark side. Since more of the

roaches chose the dark, we can tell that is what they prefer.  

Now You Try On Your Own With Your Shoulder Buddy

       1.     Question/Prompt: Quincey thinks the experiment below is an example of a chemical reaction while Kimberly M. believes that the experiment below is an example of a physical change. Is this a chemical or physical change? 
\ Claim:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



     2.     Question/Prompt: Does the experiment below show The Law of the Conservation of Mass?




1. Check Yo Self - Now You Try on Your Own:

2. Review how to write using C.E.R. (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning) below:

3. Complete a C.E.R. using the Google Form below:

4. Play the review game below about Chemical Vs. Physical Changes:

Click here to play the review game about Physical and Chemical Changes 

5. Distinguishing between chemical and physical changes virtual lab.


1) When you mix baking soda and vinegar that it starts to bubble and creates the gas CO2 or Carbon Dioxide. Is this a chemical or physical change?




2)     You take 6 mL of water that weighs 18 grams. You freeze the water. The mass of the ice will be:

a)     The same as the mass of the water
b)     Less than the mass of the water
c)      More than the mass of the water

Explain your answer:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3) The law of conservation of mass says that matter cannot be ____________________ or ________________________. It can, however, ___________________ forms.

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