Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Unit 2 Chemistry: Day 14 Physical Changes

A physical change is any change to matter that does ______________________ create a new substance.

We can tell a physical change has happened if…

·      It changes size_____________or shape________________- only.
·      The substance dissolves______________ in a liquid.
·      The substance becomes part of a mixture______________.
·      The substance changes from one _______state_____________ to another.

What is a change in state, and why is it always a physical change?
      Criteria for Success:
      1. Draw the molecules
·      2. Give an example
·      3. Predict how it could be reversed

1) Freezing_______________-: The change from a solid to a liquid.

Note that the molecules do NOT rearrange!

1. Check Yo Self: Now You Try on Your Own:

2. Watch the Brainpop Video: Matter Changing States  and take the review quiz when finished until you reach 80% mastery.


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