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Unit 2 Chemistry: Day 2 - States of Matter

Chemistry Day 2: States of Matter Classwork

Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space (volume).

All matter is made up of atomsAs you know, they are WAY too small to be seen with our eyes. 

When some atoms are bonded (or attached) to each other, they make up bigger particles called molecules.These particles are still too small to be seen with our eyes.

Atom:                                                                         Molecule:

The way molecules move and are attracted to each other causes matter to be in a certain STATE.
Reviewing Solids, Liquids, and Gases

1. Watch the Brainpop Video: States of Matter and complete the chart on your paper. 

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State of Matter






Speed of Particles

Drawing that Represents the Molecules

Drawing of an Example


 fixed shape
 fixed volume

SLOW: Particles vibrate in place)


 not fixed
 fixed volume

MEDIUM:  particles move fast enough to overcome some of the attraction between them


 not fixed
 not fixed

move fast enough to overcome nearly all of the attraction between them

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 Chemistry Day 2 Lifework: States of Matter

   1.)   Draw water in the three different states of matter, and fill in the blanks.

Solid: __________                                    Liquid: water                                     Gas: _____________

2)   True or False:

a)    All matter is made out of atoms. _____________
b)   Atoms that are bonded to each other are called molecules. ___________
c)    In a solid, the molecules stand completely still. ____________
d)   A liquid will increase in volume if placed in a larger container. _____________
e)    A gas has no definite shape or volume. _______________

   3)   Plasmas can be found in _________________
a)    Ocean water
b)   Gold
c)    Lightning
d)   Helium

4)   The state of matter where the molecules have the strongest attraction to each other is:
a)    Solid
b)   Liquid
c)    Gas
d)   Plasma

5)   A gas can change shape and volume because:
a)    The molecules are strongly attracted to each other
b)   There is empty space between molecules that changes
c)    The molecules keep bumping and sliding against each other
d)   A gas cannot change shape or volume.

66)   Use your notes to draw how the molecules in a liquid may look:

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