Thursday, September 19, 2013

Unit 2 Chemistry: Day 3 - What's the State?


1.      Think about a time when someone didn’t believe you. What did you do to prove to them that you were right/telling the truth?

2.      Much like in these cases, we must use evidence to justify our answer as right.

3.      In today’s lab, we will practice a skill called Justifying with evidence.

4.      The state of some substances is not clear  In this case, our answer is not as important as our justification! 

How to Justify with Evidence:

1)   Make observations about the substance.

2)   Decide which state it is.

3)   Justify using your knowledge about the characteristics of each state.

Let’s Try as a Class….

Is shaving cream a solid, liquid, or gas?

It is a ___________________________ because:____________________________/

Mystery State – Oobleck Lab

How to make Oobleck:

1) Pour ONE CUP of water into the cake pan.

2) Pour TWO CUPS of cornstarch into the cake pan.

3) Mix with your hands for at least five minutes. Make observations as you mix.

4) Discuss with your table – is the Oobleck a solid, liquid, or a gas?


1.    ________________________________________________________________
2.    _______________________________________________________________
3.    _______________________________________________________________

Final Decision:

It is a _________________________ because ___________________________.

Conclusion Questions

1) What surprised you about the Oobleck? Why?

2) Do you think that ALL matter can be easily classified as a solid, liquid, or gas? Why or why not?

3) Can you think of another example – or more - of a substance that has an unclear state? Explain.

4) What advice would you give for people trying to figure out the state of a substance? 

Chemistry Day 3 Lifework: States of Matter pt. 2

1) What state of matter has particles that bump and slide against each other?

2) What state of matter has NO definite shape or volume?

3) What state of matter is easiest to pour?

4) What state of matter can you usually pick up in one piece?

5) What state of matter does NOT have a definite volume?

6) Pick whether each of these substances is a solid, liquid or gas, then justify your answer.

Jell-o is a _____________________________ because ____________________________________.

Shaving cream is a ________________________________ because _________________________.

Peanut butter is a ________________________________ because ___________________________

Coke is a ________________________________ because ____________________________________

7) Name one substance that could be classified as a solid OR a liquid.

8) Give an example of a time when a gas changes volume.

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