Thursday, September 19, 2013

Unit 2 Chemistry: Day 1 - Atoms

Day 1 - Atoms Classwork
Before Reading
·      What questions do you have? Write at least two.
·      Write your best guess to the definition:
Atom: _____________________________________________________________
Element: ___________________________________________________________

To make sure we are learning from our non-fiction reading, we will write summaries of each paragraph. How?

1)   Read and underline scientific vocabulary ____ and their definitions__________.
2)   Look away and ask yourself “What do I know now that I didn’t before__________?”
3)   Write it in a complete sentence (it shouldn’t start with “that_______!”


Now We Can…
·      Write down answers to our first questions
Original Question #1______________________________________________________________________________
Original Question #2______________________________________________________________________________
·      Write definitions for each:
Atom: ________________________________________________________________________________
Proton: ______________________________________________________________________________
Electron: ______________________________________________________________________________
Element: _______________________________________________________________________________

Part 2: Visualizing The Atom
·      The periodic table is going to tell you how many protons_______________an atom has.
·      We draw protons______________and neutrons_____________________in the middle of the model (+ for proton and N for neutron) with electrons_____________________(-) circling the outside.

Let’Try As a Class:
Helium – an element with two protons

Now You Try With Your Shoulder Buddy:
Oxygen – an element with eight protons

1. Complete "Now You Try On Your Own": Aluminum – an element with thirteen protons.

2. Watch the Brainpop video: Atoms  and complete the Socrative Quiz below.

Click here to watch

Go to Socrative, scroll down and enter the room name: courage into the "join student room" portal.

Click here to take Brainpop quiz

3. Next, watch the Mosa Mack Video and see if you can figure out The Mystery of the Scandalous Sweet:

Mosa Mack: The Mystery of the Scandalous Sweet

If there is time left, review states of matter by playing the game below:

Click here to play

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