Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Unit 1 Scientific Method: Day 9 - Variables

BIG Idea: What?

·      The independent variable is what the scientist changes on purpose. They are in control of some aspect of that variable.

·      The dependent variable depends  the independent variable – the scientist does not control it, s/he just measures/observes it.

How do I identify them?

1)   Underline nouns - those are usually your variables.

2)   Look for what the scientist changes - that’s the independent variable.

3)   Look for what the scientist  measures - that’s PROBABLY your dependent variable.


“Is the dependent variable  affected by what the scientist changes?”


How do I come up with a dependent variable?

1)   Decide what the scientist is changing (independent variable)

2)   Brainstorm things that might be affected by the different variables

3)   Make sure that it’s something the scientist can measure.

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Unit 1 Scientific Method Day 9
Variables, Lab Safety LW

Part 1: Picking dependent variables

Find the independent variable, then pick a dependent variable for the scientist.

1) Hayley is doing an experiment to find the healthiest soda brand.

Independent Variable: _____________________________________

What could be her dependent variable? _______________________________

2) Brenden wants to figure out if dogs or cats run faster.

Independent Variable: _____________________________________

What could be her dependent variable? _______________________________

3) Kala wants to convince her parents that her grades improve if she studies using an iPad.

Independent Variable: _____________________________________

What could be her dependent variable? _______________________________

Part 2: Lab safety rules review

Restate the following in your own words. Remember: STEP BACK, TELL IT BACK, CHECK IT

1) Wait for permission

2) Move carefully

3) Protect your eyes and nose

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