Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Unit 1 Scientific Method: Day 8 - Lab Safety The Official Rules

1) Handle with care
·      Hold objects with both hands or all five fingers.
·      If you drop something, do not attempt to clean it up without permission from the teacher.

2) Protect your eyes and nose
·      Wear safety goggles
·      Do not put scents to your nose.

3) Keep your skin safe
·      Wash your hands if necessary and wear gloves.
·      Tie back loose clothing/hair.

4) Move carefully
·      Walk, don’t run.
·      Watch your arms/books/stuff.

5) Wait for permission
·      NEVER taste, touch, etc. anything without permission from Mr. Miller.
·      Do not use the equipment in any way not instructed.
·      Do not remove anything from the lab.

Restate the Rules
We will restate, paraphrase, and rewrite a lot in science class! We will always follow these steps:

STEP BACK: Look away or take yourself away from the textafter you read it.

TELL IT BACK: Tell it back to yourself in your head as if you were telling it to a friend..

CHECK IT: Check to make sure you did not copy entire phrases from the text.

1. Complete your lab safety poster with your group.

2. Complete the "Now You Try on Your Own".

3. Review lab safety with the Jeopardy game below:

                                                                                  Lab Safety Lifework

Read the following information about lab safety symbols. Then use it to answer the questions. 

1) Draw the safety symbol that you might see on a bottle of a very dangerous liquid.


2) Draw the safety symbol that you might see when you are supposed to tie back your hair and loose clothing.

3) What do you wear to protect your eyes during a lab?

4) What do you wear to protect your skin and clothing?

5) What should you NOT do if you accidentally break glass during a lab?

6) After you finish with a lab, you should ___________________________ of chemicals and other

Laboratory materials and wash your ________________________.

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