Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Unit 1 Scientific Method: Day 10 - Paper Airplane Lab

Question: Does changing the type of paper affect the distance that a paper airplane flies?

Step 1: Identify the independent and dependent variable.

I.V.: Type of paper

D.V.: distance the plane flies

How to make a Dart/Jet Plane:

Click here for more fun paper airplanes 

Observations: We make observations so that we can make a hypothesis. After you have constructed your paper airplane, fill out the observation chart.

Notebook Paper
Property Observations
Comparison Observations
·       The plane is soft
        The plane is white 
        The plane is thin
·       Feels like paper, looks like a jet

A good scientist continues to make observations. Write your observations about the construction paper.

Construction Paper
Property Observations
Comparison Observations
·       The plane is colored
·       The plane is thick
·       The plane has rough texture
·       The plane looks like a jet plane
·       The plane feels like carpet texture. 

Hypothesis: Which paper airplane do you think will fly further?

If I fly the two different paper airplanes, then whichever plane you think will fly the furthest
because and why?

You will create two paper airplanes using the same method (demonstrated by Mr. Miller). You will make one out of printer paper and one out of construction paper. After making a hypothesis, you will fly both of the paper airplanes to determine which can fly further. 

Type of Paper
Flight Distance 1 (meters)
Flight Distance 2 (meters)
Flight Distance 3 (meters)
Total # of Steps
Notebook Paper
Construction Paper

Based on the total number of steps, which plane flew the furthest:_______________________________________________________

1. While we performed our experiment, was it important that we constructed our paper airplane the exact same way each time? Why or why not?

 Yes, because we are suppose to have only 1 independent variable. 

2. When we threw the paper airplanes, was it important that the same person threw them? Why or why not?

  Yes, because we are suppose to have only 1 independent variable. 

3. Do you think that our experiment definitely proves that notebook or construction paper airplanes fly further? Why or why not? 


1. Once you finish your quiz, watch the PowerPoint below to complete your "Making a Graph of Your Data Guided Notes and CW"

Review of What I Learned So Far LW

Name the piece of lab equipment that…

1.      Is most common for holding and carrying liquids: _______________________________
2.      Has a neck, making it useful for stirring: ___________________________
3.      We use to scoop powders: _______________________________
4.      We use to rinse out containers: _______________________________
5.      We use to measure volume: _______________________________
6.      Can measure out tiny drops of water: __________________________
7.      Can be used to heat test tubes over a flame: ____________________________

Match the lab safety category to the rule.

8.      ______ Wait before touching or tasting anything
9.      ______ Wear gloves
10.  ______ Waft scents to your nose
11.  ______ Don’t run around the lab
12.  ______ Hold equipment with both hands

a.       “Handle with care”
b.      “Wait for permission”
c.       “Keep your skin safe”
d.      “Protect your eyes and nose”
e.        “Move carefully”

13. Read about the experiment below.

Daniel designed an experiment with some pet rats. He played classical music to one group of rats, and very loud heavy music to the other group. Then, he made his rats run in a maze. He timed how long it took the different rats to find their way out of the maze.

Independent Variable: ____________________________________________
Dependent Variable: ______________________________________________
*Challenge - Constant Variables: _______________________________________________

14. Lizbeth has five different backpacks and wants to design an experiment with them. Help her pick a dependent variable.

Independent Variable: _____________________________________________

What could her dependent variable be? ____________________________________

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