Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Unit 1 Scientific Method: Day 7 - Lab Equipment Scenarios

Let’s review… Fill out the chart below using the pictures below:


Used for measuring  and holding liquids.
Erlenmeyer flask

Used for holding liquids; ideal for measuring and mixing
Test tube

To hold small amounts of different liquids
Graduated cylinder

Measures volume of liquids
Hot plate

To heat substances

To pour substances into small openings

Drop   small amounts of liquid
Stirring rod

Safely stir substances
Wash bottle

Rinse   and clean containers
Used to heat liquids (usually in test tubes) over a flame

As scientists, we need to understand our knowledge of lab equipment – what’s the use of just knowing about it?

1) Underline the actions the person needs to take and ask yourself, “What's needed to do this?”

2) Pick the protective piece of equipment for safety and to avoid spills.

3) Think why?

Let’s Try Together as a Class

As part of a chemistry experiment, Ariana is pouring calcium chloride (small pellets) into a test tube. She is then going to pour water into the test tube.

She will need a beaker, funnel, and test tube because she will need them to complete the chemistry experiment correctly.

She will need goggles, a lab coat, and gloves because she wants to protect her hands, clothes, and eyes.

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