Monday, August 26, 2013

Unit 1 Scientific Method: Day 6 - Making Inferences about Lab Equipment


·      An observation is information gathered using our five senses and scientific tools. An inference gives meaning to observations.

·      (Remember… we take that extra brain step

·      Today, we will make inferences to learn more about lab equipment


·      Make as many ­qualitative- observations as possible.
·      Ask yourself: What do these add up to mean? (What is its function)

1. Complete the "Now You Try On Your Own" observations station here:








2. Complete the lab equipment game below.

3. Complete the Scatter Quizlet below:

4. Complete the Test Quizlet below:

Lab Equipment Inferences 

Instructions: On the other side of this paper, there are labeled pictures of different lab equipment. Continue to make inferences by using the pictures to match the piece of equipment to the definition. You will not use all of them.

Use your observations and prior knowledge!

1) Used to clean out test tubes.       

2) Used to move hot test tubes around     

3) Used to transfer liquids to other containers.                

4) Used to measure volume.            

5) Helpful for holding small amounts of different liquids.          

6) Measures temperature.   

7) Best for holding and carrying liquids.               

8) Can be used to crush substances into a powder.         

9) Used to hold several test tubes at  a time.        

10) Thin neck makes it useful for stirring liquids.            

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