Thursday, August 22, 2013

Unit 1 Scientific Method: Day 3 - Property and Comparison Observations

Why are observations important?

·      They help us ensure that we are seeing the world like scientists.
·      They help us develop scientific inquiry skills.
·      They help us ask questions.

Observation Review: Most observations use the 5 senses-. We learned two forms of observations: Property observations and comparison observations.

How to Make Property Observations:

1)   Pick a sense_.
2)   Pick a property that matches that sense.
3)   Describe that property with an adjective. Add detail! 

How to Make Comparison Observations:

1)   Pick a sense.
2)   Use that sense and make a comparison using “It smells/feels/sounds/tastes/looks like.”
3)   Make sure you still use scientific language!

Property Comparisons and Observations Lifework
1) IN COMPLETE SENTENCES, name two reasons observations are important.

2) Name two properties that you can observe using sight.

3) Name two properties that you can observe using touch.

4) Go to your refrigerator and take out an object. (Don’t eat it unless you have permission! J). Make the following observations IN COMPLETE SENTENCES.



5) Make observations on the picture below.



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