Thursday, August 22, 2013

Unit 1 Scientific Method: Day 4 - Quantitative Observations - Length

Little Lesson: Quantitative and Qualitative Observations

·      Observations can be quantitative_or qualitative.
·      Quantitative observations are numbers- scientists use 5 tools
to make these.
·      Qualitative observations are descriptive- scientists can usually use their 5 senses to make these observations.

Getting Length JUST RIGHT…

·      When you are doing a science experiment, “about” is often not good enough!


·      As scientists, we measure using the cm side-.For length, we use meters(M_) centimeters(cm)) and millimeters(mm).
·      On centimeter rulers, the big tick marks represent one centimeter. The small ones represent one milliliter. There are 10 millimeters in a centimeter.


1) Hold the ruler flush to the object (this means directly against the object. Make sure the object begins at the first tick mark,NOT the start of the ruler!

2) Look at the last large tick mark the object passes. This is how many cm the object is.

3) Look at the smallest tick mark the object reaches. This is 1/10 cm, or a millimeter. It cannot be more than 9.

4) If you are asked for the answer in millimeters, multiply the amount of centimeters by 10_+___and add the remaining millimeters. (Remember = there are 10 little millimeters in each centimeter!)


1. Complete "Now You Try on Your Own" Questions #1-5 on your Guided Notes and CW.

2. Watch the BrainPop Video Below and answer the questions on the Google Form. The password and username are on the whiteboard.
Click on picture above to watch Video!!

3. Play the two metric measuring games below until you reach level 10 on the Matching Math: Metric Length Game and 80% Mastery on the Measure It! Game. 

Quantitative and Qualitative Observations LW

Read the following examples and then decide if each is either Qualitative (QL) or
Quantitative (QNT).

1) The candy was sour.

2) The slug was slimy

3) The bug was 5 cm long.

4) That laptop looks like it is an iMac.

5) The flower is red.

6) She is 150 cm tall

7) The mass of the beaker was 122 g.

8) His hair looks like straw.

9) My fingernail is 2 cm long.

 10) You have 3 sisters

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