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Unit 1 Scientific Method: Day 2 - Making Questions Testable

The way scientists study and learn about the world.

Scientists always ask questions, but they also look for answers. To do that, we’ve got to turn the questions we ask because we’re into questions that can lead to the rest of the steps of the scientific method.

This is not easy......welcome to 6th grade science!

Steps to Converting Non-Testable Questions

1)   Identify the main subject of the question. This is almost always a noun!

2)   Ask yourself: What can I change when it comes to this subject?

3)   Picture yourself changing that part, then measuring something after you finish to see if it was affected.< --- You are creating variables

4)   Keep the “spirit-“ of the original question!

Sentence Helper:
Does (changing)  _________ affect _____________


Let's Try as a Class:

Will studying get me an A in science class?

Step 1: Identify the subject: studying
Step 2: What part of this can I change?:the amount of studying
Step 3: Picture yourself changing, then measuring. What are you going to measure?

New, Testable Question:

“Does changing the amount of studying affect the level of a student’s final grade
In science

Step 4: Check – did I keep the spirit of the original question?

  1. Complete Unit 1 Day 1 "Now You Try On Your Own" Questions #1-4
  2. Complete the two Quizlets below:
Play Flashcards!!! Test how well you know Testable Vs. Non-Testable Questions!!!

Choose "scatter" from the "choose a study module" drop down box and MAKE EVERYTHING DISAPPEAR!!!

Converting Testable Questions Lifework 

Use your notes to fill in the blanks.

The steps for converting testable questions are:
             1)   Identify the main __________________________________ of the question. 
                   This is more than just _____________________________________!

2)   Picture yourself changing one __________________________ of the subject, then measuring something after you finish.

3)   Keep the “______________________________” of the original question!

Following these steps, convert the following questions into testable questions.

4) Why don’t dogs sneeze?

5) What is the fizziest soda?

6) What kind of music do the kids in my class like?

7) Are potato chips unhealthy?

8) Now CHECK your questions: label them. Is there something you can change and measure in each of them? Good job!

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