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Unit 1 Scientific Method: Day 1 - Testable Questions

Step: Question 
  • Tip on understanding formatting - The underlined words/phrases are always words that you need to fill in on your Guided notes. And the bolded words/phrases are important concepts to help you remember.
  • Scientists always ask questions, but only one type of question can take us through the scientific method: testable ones!
  • A testable question, as we learned this summer, has something you can change and measure.
Testable Question Chant

"You got a question that you asked 
And you want to make it better
You need something you can change 
And something you can measure
Why? Because an experiment has this stuff!"

Distinguishing between testable and non-testable questions

1) Look at the question and find something that the scientist can change on purpose. Label it “C”.

2) Look at the question and find something that the scientist can measure at the end. Label it "M".

*Don’t get mixed up! – if a scientist is testing marbles of different masses,
then s/he will probably have to measure out their mass beforehand. This
doesn’t count! 

3) Does it have both? It is testable!



1) Where do most snakes live? NT

2) Does changing type of food (C) affect rabbit growth (M)T

3) Which contains more bacteria (M): a 12 year old’s hands or feet (C)T

  1. Complete Unit 1 Day 1 "Now You Try on Your Own" Questions #1-8.
  2. Watch video below and answer the two questions on the Google form. 

Lifework - Testable Questions

Part 1: Answer #1-7 with either “T” (testable) or “NT” (not testable). REMEMBER TO LABEL!

____ 1) What causes thunderstorms?

____ 2) Which is more dangerous: a hurricane or a tornado?

____ 3) Does living near the mountains affect the amount of rainfall?

____ 4) What type of cow will produce the most milk?

____ 5) What is the largest mammal in the world?

____ 6) Which brand of cereal stays the crunchiest in milk?

____ 7) What happens when you mix vinegar and baking soda?

Part 2: Try your best to change the following two questions into TESTABLE QUESTIONS. Think about what a question needs to be testable!
    8) What do lizards like to eat?
New Testable Question: ____________________________________________

9) Why does your stomach growl?

New Testable Question: ____________________________________________

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