Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Unit 5 Geology Day 10: Graham Cracker Plate Tectonic Experiment


Graham Cracker Procedure

1. Spread a tablespoon of marshmallow fluff on the large cracker piece. 
2. Place the two smaller cracker pieces on top of the fluff. 
3. The two small cracker pieces represent lithosphere of Earth. The marshmallow fluff represents the asthenosphere layer of Earth.  
4. Think about Transform. Slide one cracker one direction and the other cracker in the opposite direction (↑↓). What do you feel as the sides of the crackers rub against each other as they slide over the fluff? 
5. Find the box labeled Figure ONE. Draw arrows to show the direction of movement on your model. Add details.
6. Think of Converging. Move the two small graham crackers toward each other such that they form a small upside down "V" on top of the marshmallow fluff. 
7. Find the box labeled Figure TWO. Draw a picture and draw arrows to show the direction of cracker movement. Label and answer the questions.
8. Think about Diverging. Move the two small crackers away from each other so that they are separated on the marshmallow fluff. 

9. Find the box in your Student Journal labeled Figure THREE. Draw a diagram of your graham crackers. Draw arrows to show the direction of cracker movement. 

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