Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Unit 4 Physics II Day 17: Balloon Rocket Lab Procedures

Physics II Day 17: Following a Procedure

Being able to follow a lab procedure independently means you are a scientist that is ready for high school AND college.

The most important step in following a procedure is visualizing.

Let’s come up with some tips for visualizing a procedure:
1) Underline the verbs.

2) Picture yourself doing that verb.

3) Use arrows to show direction or motions.

4) Use labels to add clarity.

Even the worst artist (Mr. Miller) should be able to use these tips to follow a procedure!

1. Example: Place the toy car on the top of the ramp to where its back edge extends about .5 cm off the ramp.”

2.    Tape a ruler vertically to the top of two chairs.


3.    Set up the two chairs exactly one meter apart.


4.    Thread a long string through a straw.


5.    Tie the string tightly to the end of each of the rulers that are taped to the chairs.


6.    Blow up a balloon to where the widest point is no more than 10 cm.


7.    Hold the balloon closed and have a teammate tape it on to the straw. The balloon should be underneath the straw.


8.    Release the balloon.


9.    Record your observations and measure how far the balloon traveled.


10.                  Repeat steps 4-8, switching roles and blowing up the balloon to a width of about 25 cm.

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