Friday, November 15, 2013

Unit 4 Physics II Day 7: Calculating Speed

They Might Be Giants: Speed and Velocity

Unit 4 Physics II Day 7: Calculating Speed!


BIG Idea #1 - A frame of reference is a point that stays in place when you describe motion.

BIG Idea #2 - Motion is when an object changes position over time when compared to a frame of reference.

BIG Idea #3 - Speed is the amount of distance traveled in a certain amount of time.

Motion can be described in different ways. Today we will calculate speed!

Think - Pair - Write - Share

Criteria for Success 
  • Answer the question in complete sentences. 
  • Cite evidence that supports your answer. 
  • Explain how your evidence supports your answer.
What do we mean when we say someone or something is fast? Write your thoughts below.

To calculate speed:
1)   Identify the distance and the time
2)   Divide the distance an object travels by the time it takes to travel that distance.
3)   Write your answer in distance unit per time unit.

Let’s Try as a Class

1) What is the speed of a car that travels 200 miles in four hours?


Distance: _________
Time: __________

Speed = Distance divided by time
Unknown: Speed


                                     __________    __________

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