Thursday, November 7, 2013

Unit 4 Physics II Day 3: Air Resistance

Unit 4 Physics II Day 3
Gravity and Air Resistance

BIG Idea - 

Objects follow rules set by gravity. Today, we will test____________ these rules of gravity by designing an experiment.

  •      Objects of the same shape___________, but different mass__________ will fall at the same rate.
  •      Gravity pulls harder on objects with more mass, but the objects with more mass can also resist better!

  •          Objects with different shapes can fall at different rates.

  •       This is because of something called air resistance__________________ .


 Design experiments that will verify the rules we learn_________ and that others can recreate.

Our goal is to design experiments that will verify the rules we learn and that others can recreate.


1) Decide on constant variables firs first by asking yourself: What will keep this experiment fair?

2) List each step of your experiment, beginning each step with an action verb.

  • Ask yourself: What am I doing to test this, using specific verbs.
  • (What variable is this related to?) J
  •  Then ask yourself: What am I measuring after I test, using tools and units. (What variable is this related to? J)
  •  Your last step should say how to repeat the process.

3) When you finish, check to ensure that your experiment could be recreated by a stranger

Quest #1 - 
Feather, Ball and Hammer Drop

Directions: Watch the videos below then answer the questions on your Classwork.

Quest #2 - 
Galileo Ball and Feather Drop Simulator

Directions: Read about Galileo dropping the ball here

Then complete Quest #2 - Galileo drops the ball and answer the questions on your classwork. 

Use Galileo drops the ball simulator to complete Quests #3 and #4 as well.

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