Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Unit 4 Physics II: Day 2 Friction

Quest #1 - Study Jam - Force and Motion 

Complete the Study Jam - Force and Motion and take "test yourself". While testing yourself complete the guided notes on your paper.

Quest #2 - Friction Virtual Lab - "Pulling Your Weight"

Complete the Friction Virtual Lab "Pulling Your Weight" by clicking here.

Click here to play the Friction Virtual Lab - Pulling Your Weight


Use your notes and reading from today and yesterday to answer the questions in complete sentences.

1) What is gravity?

2) What is friction?

3) What does the amount of friction depend on?

4) What does Earth’s gravity pull you towards?

5) Do objects of the same size and shape fall at the same speed?

6) When you drop a piece of paper, why does it fall slower than a rock?

7) What is one way to reduce the amount of friction between surfaces?

8) Can you reduce the earth’s gravity? Why or why not?

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