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Unit 4 Physics II Day 12: Newton’s Second Law (Force and Acceleration)

Physics I Day 12: Newton’s Second Law (Force and Acceleration)
Newton’s Second Law has two parts…

The first part you already know: Acceleration is caused when a force___________ acts on an object_______________.

Objects are matter, so they all have mass___________-

 The second part is that objects with greater mass___________ require more force___________ to accelerate.

10 kg

5 kg

1 kg

P.S…. this explains why Mr. Miller would fall off a roof at the same rate as Miguel!

Designing Experiment Review:
1) Find the variables
2) Design a procedure remembering that it should:

·      Use action  verbs
·      Tell what the scientist is doing  to the independent variable
·      Describe specifically how to measure the dependent variable
·      Describe how to set up the experiment

Let’s Try as a Class
Question: Which battery will roll further: a 10 g battery or a 100 g battery?
IV: Mass of battery                            DV: Length it rolls
CVs: ramp, surface, battery brand

Battery, meter stick, clipboard

·      Place the 10 g battery on the top of a clipbaord
·      Roll the battery down the clipboard and mark where it stops
·      Measure the length of the roll with a meter stick in centimeters
·      Repeat with the 100 g battery

Data: (Draw a table)

Newton’s Second Law Experiment
Newton’s second law says that objects with greater mass require more force to accelerate. Let’s confirm that law by designing an experiment.

Question: Does changing the mass of an object affect the amount of force required to accelerate it?

IV: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

DV: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

CVs: ___________________________________________________________________________________________



·      __________________________________________________________________________________
·      __________________________________________________________________________________
·      __________________________________________________________________________________
·      __________________________________________________________________________________

Data: (Draw a table)

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