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Unit 2 Chemistry: Day 5 Measuring Mass

Chemistry Day 5: Measuring Mass Classwork

Mass is the amount of matter in an object. It’s different than weight because weight only measures how much gravity pulls down on you.

We measure mass using a triple-beam balance. There is a specific way you MUST measure using one to get an accurate mass.

1) Zero out the riders and make sure the needle is at the zero-line.
2) Place the object on the pan.
3) Move the large beam one notch to the right until the needle falls below the zero line. When it does, MOVE IT ONE NOTCH back TO THE LEFT.
4) Do the same with the medium beam.
5) Now move the small beam until the needle lines up with the zeroline.
6) Add up the numbers to find your mass in grams .

You cannot measure an object that weighs more than 610 grams with a triple beam balance. J

How much?462 grams_________

1. Complete Now You Try On Your Own on Your Classwork and watch video below:

Click here to watch

2. Complete the Read and Tweet Activity Below:

Reading a Triple Beam Balance

After watching video and completing activity compose a tweet about how these activity connects to our BIG IDEA of  
  • describing the function of a triple beam balance and how to effectively measure mass using a triple beam balance. 
  • differentiating between mass vs. weight. 
Make sure you include your name and college in the tweet. 

Twitter username is:
Password is: elothelion

3. Watch the Brainpop Video: Measuring Matter from the previous day. 

Afterwards complete the ExitTicket for the video. 

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