Sunday, September 8, 2013

Unit 1 Scientific Method: Day 15 - Workin’ Data

What is data?
Data is the information we collect from our investigationData often comes in charts and often includes both variables from the experiment.

Why is data SO important?
It’s how scientists communicate their findings and give proof of their discoveries.

To work a graph:
·         Highlight all titles
 ·       Read at least one row across and one column down
    You must do this! It gives you a good understanding of what is happening in the chart.
    Summarize the type of information that the graph contains (NOT SPECIFICS)

1. Complete "Now You Try On Your Own" CW practice

2. Complete the Data Chart Review Game Below by clicking on the link.

Click here to play Mix and Match Game

Workin Data
Work this data table and answer the questions.
Effect of Antibacterial Soap
Amount of Bacteria Before
Amount of Bacteria After
Purel Brand
Dove Brand
Store Brand

1.    Work it!

Read and box the title of the table
Highlight the titles in the table
Read at least one row and column
Summarize the kind of information in the graph
2.   Independent Variable: ____________________________________
3.   Dependent Variable: ____________________________________
4.   What question is the graph answering?
a)  Why do people buy name brand soaps instead of store brand?
b)  How do different brands of soap affect the amount of bacteria killed?
c)   How does soap work?
d)  What is the effect of soap on spreading disease?

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