Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Unit 1 Scientific Method: Day 13 - Metric Measurement Sense: Selecting Units

In science class we always use the International System of Measurement. We refer to this system as SI.

Always remember that there are NO fractions in the metric system (SI). In SI, ½ is 0.5.The metric system is simpler than the English system though, because it is based on 10s. 

Metric System Review…
Our Beloved Base Units:
Base Unit
Length, Height, or Distance

Our Beloved Prefixes:
Kilo (k)
BASE (meters/grams/liters)
Centi (c)
Milli (m)

Name the unit…

1000 meters: _____________________

.001 liters: __________________

.01 meters: __________________

.01 grams: ___________________

1000 grams: ___________________

Common Metric Units and Benchmarks  Chant

Chant courtesy Harriet Ball (Ty! J)

And how long is a kilometer?
That's to Mickey D's, an 8 block trip
And a meter - That’s a meter stick
And a meter - That's a meter stick
And a centimeter - My fingertip
And a centimeter - My fingertip

Now break it down and show me
How you choose for these other measures

Like a liter?
That’s a coke bottle, not a two liter, but a one liter
And a milliliter? An eyedrop full
A milliliter? An eyedrop full

And a kilogram? Heavy as a textbook
And a kilogram? Heavy as a textbook
And a gram?
Heavy as a paperclip, or a raisin on my lip
And a milligram? Heavy as a grain of sand

·      Pick the right base unit first!!!
·      The best unit to measure with is usually not _larger than the object.
·      The best unit to measure with will usually not require us to use a huge number.

For example… your table is too short to measure with a kilometer. But if we were to measure it in centimeters, there would be a lot. So we should measure it in meters.

1. Complete "Now You Try on Your Own" Classwork

2. Complete the 5 questions in the Google form below for yesterday's "Measuring Matter" Brainpop Video.

Click here to watch the "Measuring Matter" Brainpop Video

3. Review Metric System benchmarks by watching the phenomenal Harriet Ball chant below:

Lifework Metric Measuring Sense

Part 1: Write the benchmark we learned for each unit today (use the chant in your notes. J)
1)   A gram is about the mass of a _______________________________.
2)   A kilogram is about the mass of a _____________________________.
3)   A meter is about the length of a ____________________________.
4)   A centimeter is about the length of a _________________________.
5)   A liter is about the volume of a _____________________________.
6)   A milliliter is about the volume of ______________________________.

Part 2: Match the item with the unit that would be best to measure it.
____1) Length of chalkboard                         a. Meters
____2) Mass of folding chair                          b. Grams                    
____3) Mass of a stick of gum                                    c. Liters
____4) Length of a cell phone                                    d. Millimeters
____5) Volume of a milk bottle                      e. Centimeters
____6) Volume of a test tube                         f. Kilometers
____7) Length of a flea                                   g. Milligrams
____8) Mass of a flea                                      h. Kilograms
____9) Distance from Dallas to Waco            i. Milliliters

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